There’s an American Man today who no longer has a voice. The regular guy. The man’s man. He’s you. And he’s me. Hard-working and God-fearing. He loves his country as much as his family. And right now, he’s unpopular, and often vilified in mainstream America.

But not here!

Classic Man Expressions was started for you – the Classic American Man. Here, you are celebrated. Whether you’re more comfortable in a black suit or a pair of old jeans, whether you drive a Fiat or F-150-the rugged, freedom- loving individual is king at CMX.  No snarky, politically correct, social justice warrior types with an agenda, here!

Relevant, creative, sometimes funny and always entertaining, our ramblings and musings are a great way to start your day.  If you like to think deep, laugh hard and reminisce from time to time then why not join us every week day and get your daily dose of machismo awesomeness. You won’t regret it!

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