Posted on December 17, 2018
by Steve Janowick

I am an individual.

First and foremost, I am an individual.

With free will bestowed upon me by my creator, I am an individual.  And I’ll never waiver from that conviction. And I’ll gladly die defending it.  I never, in my wildest dreams, would have imagined a day when such a notion would be so unpopular in America.  Even vilified. But that day is upon me. In fact, many virtues that were once the cornerstones of my country’s founding have fallen out of favor.  But more than any, the rights of the free individual to think, feel and act any way he pleases (within the boundaries of the law) have taken the biggest hit.

I can feel it slowly creeping.  A personal freedom here. A censorship over there.  An unnecessary small business regulation around the corner.  In perfectly measured doses, the righteousness of the group over the individual is being fed to the masses daily.  It is the new religion.

Toe the line of conformity-or else.  Be a part of the flock and play nice or else.  You are as we label you, mister. We decide your identity. We decide the tribe you belong in.  And based on that tribe’s branch on the victimhood tree is how we’ll determine your so-called rights.  Don’t be a bad machine. You must walk with us clockwise around the wheel. A good American always walks this way.  The factory knows. The factory knows everything.

How relevant is Oliver Stone’s masterful analogy today?  Very relevant. The government, corporations and media apparatuses are the factories pumping out sheep-like machines daily with their skewed propaganda disguised as virtue signaling.  All the good machines obey. They must keep the factories running at full capacity. To keep the factories powerful.

To keep us reliant on them.

But I am an individual!  I am a bad machine. I walk counter-clockwise around the wheel.  And there are millions like me doing the same every single day. We always will until the last breaths of life leave our lungs.  We will keep the factories in check. And if they get too powerful, we will shut them down.

Because we make the factories.

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