Posted on February 12, 2019
by Steve Janowick

As nutty (and dystopian) as this title reads-it’s not so far-fetched.

Every day we’re seeing more and more blatant examples of someone being vilified and dragged through the mud for something he did, said-or even wore.  A past tweet deemed inflammatory. A misguided joke perceived as sexist or racist. A slogan on a hat interpreted as provocative and hurtful.

The self-appointed arbiters of right and wrong, of decency and decorum, of acceptable and unacceptable, are chipping away at the rights of free individuals-daily.  And, up until very recently, these “violations” they say we’ve been committing have been actual actions. Tangible, discernible exploits that are recordable and easily documentable.  And as screwy as it is that our freedoms are being infringed upon in this way, at least we can defend ourselves under this construct. We can provide actual evidence to counter and pick apart our accusers.  We can impart empirical proof and data, not just the theoretical kinds, to clear our good names.

We still have a fighting chance!

But now, the rules have changed.  Hell, the entire game has changed.  Now, we’re dipping our toes into some very unfamiliar, and frightening, waters.  Today, in 2019, it’s not just our actions that are being scrutinized and judged, it’s our thoughts as well.

Liam Neeson is the latest celebrity pariah to be shunned and brutally vilified in the court of public opinion.  His livelihood severely jeopardized-because of a malicious thought he had over 40 years ago!  A once great actor with an impeccable reputation of civility and benevolence is now in the center of a public relations bullseye-and the virtue police have their guns pointed right at him-ready to blast away.

Evidentially, his good female friend was raped back in the late 70’s and he wanted to protect her honor-and also get a little justice-by killing the rapist-or anyone of his same race.  These were the thoughts going through his head. Normal thoughts of an enraged man seeing red and in pain. He obviously didn’t act on them. He was able to reign in the rage and hate and suppress the action that went with the thought.

Now, call me crazy, but I’d bet a dollar to a donut that every single man alive, regardless of race, or anything, has had the same kind of thought at one time or another in his life.  And if you say you haven’t-then you’re a weak, pathetic liar. If you don’t want to inflict harm on the person(s) that you relate to your dear friend’s rape, then you aren’t a man-not a red-blooded one anyway.  Case closed!

If Neeson had actually committed the act of vengeance 40 years ago then I say throw the book at him. He’d be a murderer and subject to his due punishment under the law.  But he didn’t. He merely had a friggin thought! A thought that eventually passed. A thought that he mistakenly decided to bring up and ponder in a movie press junket interview.  And a thought, nonetheless, that will probably kill his career and forever mar his name.

This should scare the absolute hell out of everyone, regardless of your affiliations or persuasions or your race.  But sadly, it doesn’t. There’s a certain faction within our society that’ll stop at nothing to silence and punish its enemies.  And if we continue down this path, at the rate which were speeding, God only knows what’s coming.

And somewhere in the great beyond George Orwell and Ayn Rand are shaking their heads together in despair.  Saying…

“We told you so.”

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