Posted on December 24, 2018
by Steve Janowick

I’d respect the powers-that-be way more if they would be honest with us all and just admit to feeling this sentiment.  Because we all know it to be the truth. This obvious subversion by globalist types to inject their one-world, urban proclivities onto us all isn’t even discreet anymore.  They don’t even hide it. Once reserved for wacko extremists and anarchists, this vilification and repudiation of the rural man’s values has slowly crept into our mainstream consciousness.  The once venerable farmer, rancher and frontiersman, who were revered for their hard work and independent spirits, are now considered fringe, right-wingers bucking the new world plans that their globalist masters have laid out.

I remember a time, not that long ago, when a rugged, country dwelling man was the very definition of what it meant to be a United States citizen.  He was the backbone of what made us great. He was the poster child of the freedom-loving American. Hell, even the founders knew how much he meant and how important he was.  They instituted the Electoral College to prove it. The rural man’s voice mattered! His say in all domestic and foreign affairs carried weight.  He wasn’t a citizen of the city’s masses, but his vote was counted just the same.

But somewhere along the way he fell out of favor.  As the economy has changed so has his status. Seems that the more technologically advanced we become the more he’s pushed aside.  The only time he’s included in Silicon Valley’s decision making is when the PR firms want an all-inclusive television commercial for the next big product.  Only then, you’ll see the token cowboy fumbling with a gadget he surely is too dumb to understand while his city-slicker counterpart enlightens him.

And it’s not just in America that this phenomenon is occurring.  After all, it’s called “globalization” for a reason. In France, the rural citizens, who used to be economic and cultural equals to their Parisian neighbors, are fed up with all the recent policies and regulations aimed at squeezing them from their traditional, pastoral existences and into the herd of sheep whose only job is to advance the urban agenda.

But they are fighting back tooth and nail.

Why is it that individuals within a group are looked at differently than an individual standing alone?  The homeless in the cities get the sympathy. The poor, inner-city child gets the school funding before the poor, rural child.  And this trend is fully endorsed and perpetuated by a very willing media. Seems today that every single “important” aspect of our culture and society is derived from an urban or global perspective or virtue.

Yep, the world has turned its back on the rural man.  Forsaken him. Discarded him like yesterday’s newspaper.  But what they don’t realize is that this nation, and every nation that ever existed since the beginning of time, was founded by such men.  And as this fickle globe turns, and eventually burns, I hope the discarder of the rural man remembers…

A country boy can, and always will, survive!

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