Posted on January 9, 2019
by Steve Janowick

The Twilight Zone moment.

You know, those times in your life when you step back, take a deep breath, shake your head in total disbelief then question everything you think you know about reality.  That’s a Twilight Zone moment. And it seems as if there’s a direct and distinct relationship between the frequency of their occurrences and the deterioration of traditional values.  It’s called a negative correlation. One variable goes down while the other goes up.

Of course, the term “traditional values” is very subjective in 2019 and varies greatly according to one’s particular societal norms.  I get it. But if I were a betting man, I’d wager the farm that a 10-year old boy prancing around on a national television talk-show dressed to the hilt in provocative women’s clothing and over-sexed makeup while being hailed as the future of the transgender movement does NOT fall into the definition of a traditional value for most folks.

Yes, this was one of my Twilight Zone moments.

Surely, I was in another dimension.  This couldn’t be what I was seeing and hearing.  Rod Serling, where are you? A little boy, Desmond is Amazing he calls himself, an innocent minor, being celebrated by the gushing hosts egging him on, and the applauding audience wistfully cheering along like sheep every time he batted his weird looking eyelashes.  It was one of the most bizarre, sickening displays of agenda-driven propaganda I’d ever seen-and I’ve seen a lot.

In their quest to perpetuate the LGBTQ lifestyle-and that’s exactly what it was, they let a confused child, who doesn’t have anywhere near the mental or emotional capacity to understand what he’s fully doing, pirouette across that stage like a pint-sized drag queen and make a complete fool of himself in front of a national TV audience.

I’d love to have 10 minutes in a room with the human garbage (his so-called parents) that allowed this twisted manifestation to happen in the first place.  He’s a 10-year old boy, Dipshits! He doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the wall at this stage in his life! Hell, I was certain I was going to be an astronaut at 10!  How the hell did that work out? I’d be lucky to sweep the floors at the NASA cafeteria. Point is, at 10-years old, you’re still very under-developed and totally incapable of understating reality.  And, sadly, I’m sure deep down his parents know this, but it’s a case of the ends justifying the means for these two nitwits.

And how about this talk show that had him on?

These fools are running lockstep with their corporate media masters to not only sustain this sicko (and illegal) behavior, but to strengthen and advance it as well.  If you’re an adult? Then go at it. This is America and it’s your life and your choice to live it however you see fit. But we’re not talking about an adult here, we’re talking about a small boy!  Where’s the hosts’ culpability? Are they going to be smiling their plastic, toothy grins when this kid winds up in a shrink’s chair? Or when he decides to eat the barrel end of a shotgun one day?

Doubt it.

My advice would be to get this kid into the woods or into some football pads as soon as possible.  Expose him to the natural, instinctive proclivities that every male adolescent enjoys. If he decides in 8-10 years that he’s not comfortable with them-then so be it-he’ll be an adult.  But at least give him the chance, now, to be a normal kid. A normal boy. He’ll have plenty of time to make grown-up decisions-when he’s a grown-up!

Then maybe he really will be amazing, and not some kind of exploited, circus sideshow.

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