Posted on February 7, 2019
by Steve Janowick

Suddenly, he’s a beat reporter.  A correspondent in the field. A documentarian of all the daily goings on in his mundane life.  Ten years ago, before Skippy got his first smart phone, he wasn’t.

But today, and every other day since then…he is.

While he’s shopping one evening, an aggressive, pissed off, customer in the store starts arguing with the elderly clerk?  Looks pretty serious and could escalate to ugliness at any moment. Well, instead of intervening and maybe breaking it up or calming down the party’s involved, Skippy decides he wants to play camera man and capture the conflict on his smart phone.  Be damned the old clerk’s safety. Forget trying to diffuse the situation. Screw any moral obligation to maybe call the cops. No, the first sign of any incident out in public, he immediately pulls out his IPhone and hits the record button. And as if filming this social car wreck isn’t enough, Skippy actually eggs on the confrontation with his snarky narration and blow by blow commentary.

Welcome to another fun, zany evolution in the old human species.

I’ve personally never had the urge or impulse to visually document a live happening-I tend to live in the moment.  Call me old-fashioned-but pulling out my phone is the last thing I’m thinking of when I see a house engulfed in flames or someone keeled over having a heart attack.  Sure, I’m as voyeuristic as the next guy. I slow down and look when I see an accident on the highway. To be curious is to be human. But there’s a gaping chasm between observing something in the moment and actually stopping to record that something.

And, of course, Skippy isn’t happy with just keeping his little video tucked away in his personal digital files.  You know, for when he needs to satisfy that masochistic urge and relive whatever tragedy he’s in the mood to relive that day.  No, he immediately posts it on YouTube and every other social media platform he can. Why does he do this? It’s certainly not for sentimental or posterity reasons.  It’s because online validation and adoration and reverence are his drug, and all the comments and chatter he receives afterward help satisfy the fix.

And like for any addict, getting the “high” is worth compromising a few manners or a little human decency, right?  But be forewarned, Skippy. If I ever see you playing Dan Rather’s camera man at any terrible ordeal/event I’m going through or witness to, be prepared to have that hunk of metal shoved up your colon-sideways.  Then you’ll be able to see a video worth seeing…

What an asshole looks like!

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