Posted on February 19, 2019
by Steve Janowick

At least that’s what popular culture in 2019 wants you to believe.

Okay, let me get this fact out of the way.  There’re some real tough girls out there. Girls that are physically strong, have high pain thresholds, are skilled fighters and are just plain, old bad-asses. YouTube has substantiated that.

However, these tough girls?  They’re only good fighters relative to other girls.  And that’s where the propaganda machine gets it all wrong-as usual.

As I’ve said countless times before, I’m all about empowerment-for everyone!  But especially girls. I have a daughter. And I certainly want her to feel strong and confident in her life. I never want her to feel inferior or subordinate to anyone.  But my little girl is tiny. Slight of frame. A good gust of wind would knock her over.  She is surprisingly strong and agile for her size, but she’s definitely not going to be stepping in to the octagon anytime soon.

However, if Hollywood or Madison Avenue got their hands on her, she’d suddenly be the love child of Mike Tyson and Wonder Woman.  In this “Me Too” time were living in right now, the mass media/pop culture machines are doubling down at every turn and taking the whole empowering mantra to silly places.  Very unrealistic places. Places that defy sound reason-and defy biology.

How many more movie trailers and TV commercials are they going to produce where the 98 lbs. girl is snarling as she effortlessly roundhouse kicks a 220 lbs. bad guy into bloody submission?  Well, I don’t see them ending anytime soon. Because momentum is a powerful force, and the girl-power avalanche is plummeting down the mountain with incredible ferocity in 2019-crushing and burying all the traditional adjectives that have described women for millenniums.

But why does it have to be this way?  Seems if we’re not redefining some group today than we’re not making progress.  And I just don’t get that. Ladies, suffrage was enacted and ratified in 1920. We’ve been equals in every way (besides biological) since then.  I get that there’s a lot of male douche bags out there who still treat women like crap, and I get that you want to make sure said douche doesn’t get to keep doing it.  But swinging the pendulum completely the other way and redefining yourselves as tough, masculine “men-like” ass-kickers is a little extreme.

But, again, who the hell am I to say?  I’m just a Neanderthal, knuckle-dragger with an opinion, and I’m sure I’ll get lambasted for this particular one.  Oh well, such is life.

I’ll just keep loving and appreciating all the soft, beautiful, feminine…and very strong…women in my life.

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