Posted on January 28, 2019
by Steve Janowick

Emotions are something we have trouble controlling.  

We can maybe try to ignore them or repress them a little, but we can’t control when they decide to show up, and not being in control is very unsettling and stressful for a lot of us.  Let’s face it, men, emotions are scary. And trying to express or articulate them to a woman you care about can even be scarier. I’m certainly not trained in any field that would even remotely deem me an expert or authority on the subject, but I’ve been in my fair share of relationships and experienced the spectrum of ups and downs that being a closed book can yield.

I’m betting that the first forehead jutting, Neanderthal men were also unable to talk to their Neanderthal women about the feelings of inadequacy they felt after a failed hunt or something like that.  Or the guilt of not being able to properly provide. I’m betting she probably grunted and clicked and stomped in his face to try to get him to open up. To communicate and include her in what he’s feeling inside his rock head.  But, we’ve come a long way since the stone age, right? I mean, we’ve evolved in ways as men that have allowed us to build thriving societies, create amazing inventions, and even sustain monogamous, meaningful relationships. We’re now cultured.  Refined. Educated and civilized. We’re 21st century men.  What I’m trying to get at (in my own numbskull attempt at irony) is that we’re probably genetically pre-disposed to have this deficiency.  Hard wired from the very beginning to be different than our sensitive, communicative, better halves.

But does this mean that we can pull out the “sorry, babe, I’m just a caveman” card every time she wants us to open up and we don’t feel comfortable doing so?  This knuckle dragger thinks it’s certainly worth a shot! Or the alternative? Why not use that big, ever-evolving, 21st century brain and heart of yours, tough guy, and make the effort to do what’s right…

And tell her how you feel?

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