Posted on September 4, 2019
by Steve Janowick

Just go into the darkened room. 

Then flip the switch and take a look in that mirror, Pal. 

You want to know who to blame?  How about starting with that man staring back at you.  He’s the one you should be upset with.  He’s the one who should be the recipient of all that bottled up anger and scorn.  He’s the one you should reach out to when you toss and turn at night with anxiety.  And he’s the one you should be asking for help. 

Not me. 

I did my job after all.  I gave you life. I gave you an existence during a time of relative peace in the world, in a place that reveres individual liberty and free will.  I bestowed upon you, at birth, relative health, a functioning mind, a modest station in life and some people that loved and cared for you. I gave you a hell of a lot more than most, Steve! 

I blessed you! 

So, why do you constantly hound me now later in life?  Call on me when you feel helpless and alone? Drop to your knees at times of loss and failure?  Your debt. Your guilt and shame. Your weaknesses and insecurities. Your fractured relationships.  Your broken dreams and your broken heart: it’s only when your days are darkest that I hear from you. 

But in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a little busy.  A little pre-occupied. Mankind has gone a little nuts lately and my nemesis is working overtime to keep it that way!  He’s cunning and he is relentless, and he’ll stop at nothing to remake the world in his distorted, vile image and steal the souls of every living man – including you.  It takes every fiber of my being to keep him at bay. Murder, suicide, war, famine, cancer: he is a real son-of-a-bitch!  And he has me working overtime. 

So, please pardon me if I seem a little distracted.  A little aloof. It’s not that I don’t care about you and your feelings, Steve.  I do. But the possibility of a thousand souls perishing in a category 5 hurricane or a mother losing her child to Leukemia takes a bit of precedence over the depression you feel from your failed business and your mounting bills. 

Frankly, I just don’t have any time for your pity party. 

I need you to fight, okay!  With everything you have – fight.  I’ve given you the strength to overcome any and every obstacle that may come your way.  I’ve given you a solid foundation for a happy, meaningful life, chock full of contentment and love.  But the onus is on you to make it all happen. I love you and I’ll always have your back, but your happiness depends on…you.  Not me.  

And when you finally accept that, when you flip the switch in that darkened room to look at that man staring back at you in the mirror—don’t be scared.  Don’t think you’re all alone. Know that I’m there with you. All around you…

Because I am the light that allows you to see him. 

I am the light.

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