Posted on February 5, 2019
by Steve Janowick

Is it fascination or is it envy?

Probably a little of both.  It’s also intrigue and unabashed curiosity.  It’s imagination with no boundaries. It’s the dream of boundless possibilities and vicarious pleasures.  Where one’s benevolence is restricted only by his heart and selflessness. Where concepts and ideas are realities.  Where limits don’t exist and the most lavish of material possessions easily procured.

And God knows I can waste away some serious hours immersed in the fantasy of the billionaire’s world.

It’s human nature, especially for men, to possess such an intrigue and fascination.  This is not a misogynistic notion. It’s a sociological one. Considering our historical/traditional roles as financial providers and familial bread winners, I think it’s innate in all of us to measure ourselves (and others) by the girth of our billfolds.  And the guys (and gals) with nine zeros in their net worth’s have wallets so chubby-John Holmes circa 1977 would be envious.

This whole fascination with the mega-rich is due in large part to a small website.  About a decade ago, Celebrity Net Worth started posting the fortunes of every major celebrity and famous business tycoon. And it caught on quick and became the guilty pleasure of many miserable sad-sap dreamers-like myself. And who really knows how accurate the numbers really are…and what criteria and metrics are used to calculate them?

I say, who cares?!

It’s not about the accuracy.  It’s just plain old fun to let your imagination run wild and dream of all the things you’d do with that kind of change in the old piggy bank.  How many friends and family members would you help? What crazy, over-the-top toys would you indulge in? What new vices could you explore?

My wife thinks I’m some sort of weird masochist when she knows I’m going down the “net worth internet rabbit hole.” She questions how I could derive pleasure from ogling the bank accounts of the uber rich, which, in her mind, is the ultimate reminder of how much we don’t have.  And she’s right!  But I kindly explain to her that it’s just escapism for me.  No different than watching a good sci-fi flick or zoning out to a classic Floyd tune.

It’s entertainment.  It’s so unfathomable and unrealistic to have that kind of money-that it’s just entertainment.

When I was a kid, I dreamed of being Steve Austin.  I was the most powerful man alive. I was the Six Million Dollar Man!  Today, as an adult, I dream of being the likes of Jeff Bezos.  I am the most powerful man alive.

I’m the 160 Billion Dollar Man!

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