Posted on November 8, 2018
by Steve Janowick

Just a couple days ago I was having an insatiable craving for a Maria’s cheesesteak.  

They make the best around.  I’ve been enjoying them since I was a little kid.  Frozen wafers of a steak like substance, lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese and about a 1/4-inch layer of mayonnaise.  It all gets toasted between a 12-inch sub roll. Yum! Good stuff.

But I knew damn well that this temptress of the taste buds was horrible for me.  Barring the tiny bit of vegetables on it, this cheesesteak was a heart-attack party on a plate waiting to pull an all-nighter in my arteries and then move in, rent-free for the next month, to my waistline.

But I still ate it anyway!  And you know what? I’ll probably do it again sometime soon.

It’s in our DNA as men to want things that aren’t good for us.  And a lot of times we want them in excess. Be damned, moderation!  If we’re going to fall off the wagon, we’re cliff-diving off that son-of-a-bitch.  Like eating a foot-long cheesesteak…or looking at our phones more than a 12-year old girl on a Friday night.

How many times have you been at a red light and watched a teen girl next to you on her cell phone, giving her thumbs a workout that would rival any UFC fighter?  All the while giggling and cackling to herself. It pisses you off to think about how her generation is so mindless and self-absorbed and, not to mention, careless!

Then, at the very next red-light, you find yourself doing the same damn thing.  A grown-ass man in a jacked, pick-up! Nervously fiddling with that rectangular hunk of aluminum alloy and carbon graphite to see if anyone has emailed, texted or posted to you since the last time you checked 37 seconds ago.  How pathetic, Buttercup!? Where’s your self-control?

This has become the new vice de jour for men in 2018.  No, it’s not immoral or corrupt to look at your phone all the time.  But the actions that are yielded from said compulsion certainly lead to (in the least) a social and mental impotence in men that is very evident.

Anything in life that becomes a crutch, or a dependency, will always create some sort of negative bi-product.  And in the case of the over-used cell phone, a man compromises both his problem-solving and verbal communication skills.  His familial relationships suffer. His cognitive thinking takes a nose dive. His quality time doing tasks and enjoying activities diminishes.  His expectations of women become unrealistic. And lastly, he may very well develop carpal tunnel from all the extra yanking of the crank he’s probably doing!

Is being able to communicate right now and get information right now worth all those negatives?  I guess it all depends on the man.  Whatever the case, cell phones, and their ever-advancing technologies, are here to stay.  There’s no escaping that truth bomb. But just like any other bad habit, if you really want to curb it or stop it, you can.  But who would want to give up…pictures of cheesesteaks on a 5-inch screen?

In the fairness of disclosure, I’m writing this post in the ‘notes’ app on my iPhone, which I’ll then transfer to my laptop.  Maybe hypocrisy is a by-product of too much cell phone use as well.

Just call me, Buttercup.

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