Posted on January 16, 2019
by Steve Janowick

Kevin Hart was a bad boy, and he needs to say he’s sorry…again!

Ten years ago, he evidentially posted some tweets that were crude and demeaning to the LGBT community.  Okay, I get it. It was insensitive. Maybe some hurt feelings. But he did the right thing and apologized right after it happened.  He made his peace. Case closed, right?

Fast forward to 2019 and Hart is being considered for hosting duties for the Oscars-a lifelong dream of his.  Enter the trolls of Twitter to throw in the proverbial wrench. Within hours of his possible hosting announcement, those ten-year old rants, the ones that were accounted for-by him, were suddenly being reposted along with thousands of other current tweets by the PC mob calling for his head-and another apology!

Of course, after this whole ordeal slithered through the media long enough and gained traction amongst the virtue signalers, he eventually caved.  He said he was sorry twice for the same offense.  Unbelievable! He was suddenly on every major day time, and late-night, talk show gushing about his insensitivity and his well-meaning intentions.  Suddenly, the apology itself was becoming its own animal. It was no longer about the hosting gig, no way! Kevin Hart was on his penance tour. And it was a sold out show every night.  

This is where we’re at today.

A small, but very loud, group of self-proclaimed do-gooders behind their keyboards and phone screens seem to be wielding all the power and influence these days.  They are the new-age authoritarians. The 21st century autocrats.  Demanding change (their value system jammed down our collective throats) through any means and/or tactics necessary.  They have the power to kill careers, silence dissenters, and destroy reputations. And they exercise that power all the time.  They are bullies. No different than the thumb breakers who used to police the docs and collect for the loan sharks, the Twitter thug is also an intimidator.

There was a time when an apology meant something.  It carried weight. When the giver felt sincere sorrow for his actions and the receiver was genuinely gracious and appreciative of the gesture.  Today, not so much. Today, it is an empty, watered-down obligation that’s been scripted and canned by some multi-million-dollar PR firm, waiting to be scrutinized for acceptance or denial by the lords who decide our collective morals and values.

Every single day there’s some new sad-sap celebrity who’s had a slip of the tongue or a past indiscretion rear its head begging the social media masses for forgiveness, so he can save his career.  Screw his backbone or conviction. Be damned reason and fairness. Just pucker up, boy, and start kissing. Give them that perceived power they so desperately crave. Make them the arbiters of right and wrong.  All while you’re getting knocked down a peg or two.

But, hey, at least you’ll get that gig you’ve been vying for on Celebrity Rehab next season.

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