Posted on January 21, 2019
by Steve Janowick

I’ve witnessed it so many times.

I’ve watched it effect both old and young alike.  From retirees to students, and everyone in between. Age, race, financial situation, marital status: it doesn’t discriminate, any and all men are susceptible.  I’ve seen those who are very close to me cave with the weight of its force. And that’s exactly what it is. A force-just like gravity. But unlike gravity, an idle life keeps your spirit down.  Holds your potential down. It grounds your attitude and it’s a load on your soul.

I believe there’s some real-life, human applications to the whole “an object in rest stays in rest and an object in motion stays in motion” law.  Our body is an object. Our mind is also an object. And when we stop moving our physical selves (exercising) and stop moving our brains (thinking deeply) we slip into a state of rest (stagnation) that becomes very difficult to reverse.

That’s coming from Mr. Newton-not me!

We’ve all seen the juxtaposition before, right?  The two old men who are 20 years apart but the younger one looks like he could be the older one’s father.  And most of the time, barring a serious health issue, it’s the sedentary lifestyle that’s the primary reason for the younger man’s advanced aging.  And conversely, the older man is usually very active. Lesson learned? Every day spent moving is one day stolen away from the sacred sleep.

I personally have seen my own life take drastic turns (both up and down) depending on how engaged I was.  How active I was.  Obviously, as we age our cells break down and it becomes more of a struggle to do the same physical things we used to do.  But that shouldn’t be an excuse for not moving. And sometimes, situations arise in life that can cause us to slip into a mental funk and we can’t think and focus like we used to.  But, that’s also not an excuse. The quality of my life is directly related to my activity: My looks. My energy. My health. My confidence. They are all in direct proportion to my dormancy or lack thereof.  And like me, we all have the choice to make the right choices.

Hell, even the great Apollo Creed was feeling a little bummed about slowing down, about getting older.  But he got some great advice from his best friend, Rocky, right before their last, underground fight in the third film.  And I think we should all heed that advice as well…

“Just keep punching, Apollo!”

Just keep punching.

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