Posted on October 24, 2018
by Steve Janowick

I recently read somewhere that Hooters was restructuring its corporate identity to make up for lagging sales.  Seems the Millennials aren’t into the big boobies as much as past generations, and when you’re a restaurant chain whose gimmick is well-endowed waitresses with skimpy outfits, I guess that’s a problem.  More importantly, this raises a serious question. What in the hell is happening to our country, man?  I can take a little in-house fighting between the right and the left.  I’ll deal with a bit of infringement upon my rights. I would have even considered voting for…no…that’s taking it too far.  But anyway, you get the point I’m making. How did this happen!? What forces at play could have possibly done this? Diminished the reverence our youngest generation of men has for one of God’s greatest gifts-the curvy woman?  What a travesty!

As a father of teenage sons, and as someone who spends his life being the consummate observer, I see actual, tangible evidence to support Hooters’ claims.  I mean, they’re really on to something, I think. At a recent job I’m no longer at, I had some downtime with a 21-year old co-worker. He asked if he could show me some photos on his phone of girls he wants to “hang out” with (“dating” is an antiquated word it seems these days) to get my opinions.  So, I gutted it up and agreed to-anything to help the youth! I must admit, I was taken back a bit by his selections. Although attractive, 90% of them had very slender, very toned bodies. The one girl that was “voluptuous” was the one he was least interested in.

“Too thick”, he declared.  

“Say, what?!” I yelled back in disbelief.  

He then went on to tell me that most of his friends had those same tastes in girls.  And even watching television with my sons, I never see them viscerally respond to an attractive woman unless she’s got that very lean, athletic-type physique.  That’s the build they love. Now, call me crazy, but I thought what makes a woman so physically attractive is all the parts of her that aren’t like a man?  The softness, the curves, the femininity?  But I guess, like with everything else in this crazy world today, I’m behind the times.  

The modern feminist movement is powerful, pervasive and well-funded.  Regardless of your feelings about this movement, it would be dishonest to not admit that its beliefs and overall worldview have had a subversive effect on many millennials.  It is championed by mainstream media outlets, preached in schools and permeates pretty much all aspects of youth pop culture. Right or wrong, good or bad-that’s a fact, Jack!  And in this indoctrination, young women who evolved (or devolved) into thinking that the classic, traditional characteristics of femininity are repressive and just wrong, started changing their looks to coincide with the characteristics of strength and power they desire.  Consequently, young men have adapted accordingly.

This is just my .10 cent theory, nothing more.  So, please don’t flip out and go bat-shit nutty on me.  And, if the young women and young men of today are happy, synergistic and coexist in harmony, who the hell am I to get my feathers ruffled?  No one can stop progress (if that’s what it is). But I will say this, if there’s anyone out there with a ‘busty waitress restaurant’ idea and the money to fund it, I know about a million dudes over 35 who would eagerly patronize your establishment.

“That lady’s stacked, and that’s a fact, ain’t holdin’ nothin’ back!”

Thank you, Lionel Ritchie!  We’ll never forget your poignant words.

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