Posted on February 18, 2019
by Steve Janowick

He’s one of our greatest American poets.

Ever since he was introduced to the world by his mentor, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson has been tapping into hearts and souls with his own unique brand of gut-wrenching truths.

With that distinct slow, deep, drawl singing simple lyrics around simple melodies, he was able to speak to the every man.  The man who partied too much on Friday and Saturday. The man who tried to drown all his pain and drink all his longings away while listening to sad, strumming guitars and smoking too many cigarettes.  And the man who woke up on that dreary Sunday morning, hungover, and wishing he never woke up at all.

The seventh day, the Lord’s day, the traditional day of rest and rejuvenation.  Ever since I had a memory, and feelings, I always had such cognitive dissonance when it came to Sundays.

And still do today.

As a kid, Sundays always signified and represented an “ending” to me.  The wispy, fun, carefree feelings of the weekend were coming to a close, and in 24 hours it would be the “beginning” of school work and anxiety.  Of bullies and teachers stressing me out. Of deadlines and a cold bus stop each morning.

And it always seemed that Mash aired on Sunday nights as well.  Maybe that had something to do with it?  My brother was hooked on that show and that damn opening theme song depressed the living hell out of me-and still does.  Hearing “Suicide is Painless” playing in the background as helicopters air drop wounded and dying soldiers off to a bunch of mis-fit, burnt-out doctors isn’t the most upbeat way to start the week off for a nine-year old loner.

To this day, I still get affected.  I’ve unwittingly carried a lot of those feelings into adulthood.  Doesn’t matter the situation or circumstances in my life-come Sunday evening it’s like a trigger automatically goes off inside me and, suddenly, I’m a kid again, fighting the blues until well into Monday morning-with slumber being my only solace.  

And I would bet that I’m not alone.

But what are we gonna do?  Bitch and moan? Nope! We’re gonna gut it up and deal with it.  Because it’s a part of life. There’s always going to be beginnings and endings.  Ups and downs. Good times and bad. We just have to keep it in perspective-and make Friday and Saturday count!  Live it up! Go a little nuts! Because before you know it, and like Kris so achingly proclaims…

Sunday will be comin’ ‘round again.

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