Posted on February 4, 2019
by Steve Janowick

It was 7:00 am and not a single flake had fallen from the sky.

Yet, the county which I live in decided to be “prudently proactive” and close all the schools as a measured precaution for the 1-3 inches forecasted Armageddon ominously hovering above-waiting to fall and lay waste to us all.

“We had to do it,” the compassionate men with the soft hands making the decisions proclaimed.  “Little Johnny or Cindy will surely slip and fall on the slippery sidewalk and bruise their little bottoms if we don’t.  Or Mrs. Soccer Mom herself may fishtail a little in her sedan and maybe even get into a fender bender at the school pick-up line.  And we cannot have that. The actual education of our kids is secondary today, folks. This is 2 inches we’re talking about! We’ll worry about the inconvenience of the make-up days later.   After all, safety first.”

At the risk of sounding like the old, toothless curmudgeon that had to trudge five miles to school every day in blizzard conditions-with holes in his shoes and his big sister’s hand me down for a coat, we’ve passed the point of ridiculous and are headed into the “you’ve got to be absolutely kidding me” zone.

How soft can we become before we’re a society of living, breathing marshmallows?  Seriously? How much longer before our kids are total wimps and not just the partial ones they are today?  I’m sick of spouting off about the virtues of change.  About the contrasting arguments about generational toughness.  Makes me sound like old toothless himself! But man, you’d have to be completely ignorant, or just stubbornly pigheaded, to not admit that our collective ability (or willingness) to cope with anything that’s the slightest bit uncomfortable is fading away at an exponential rate.

We don’t just take the path of least resistance in 2019-we constantly search it out at all costs.  And what the hell kind of lesson is that for our young people? Hey, kids, when the going gets tough-the tough…curl into fetal balls, cover up in their warm blankies, drink lots of cocoa and wish all the bad, mean stuff away.  Yea, I’m full of piss and sarcasm right now, but that’s the attitude we’re bestowing upon future generations-and I think it’s beyond sad…and damaging. It may seem like just an arbitrary snow day, but it’s really a loaded message.

How about this?  On their unwarranted day off, tell your kids to get off the phone and Xbox, give them a good swift kick in the ass and make them go outside.  Put their little mittens on their little hands and let ‘um feel the biting cold!  Let them get wet in the snow. Let them fall on their asses. Let them be a little bit miserable.  Let them actually sweat and feel unpleasant in the heat come summer as well. Thicken their skins. Toughen them up.

Then maybe their hands won’t be so soft when it comes time to decide if school should be closed or not for their kids.

Just sayin…

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