Posted on December 11, 2018
by Steve Janowick

Just the thought of getting out of a warm bed in the dead of winter is like a bad dream.

But then to venture out into the elements afterward, navigate the dark, treacherous, icy path and sit your puckered ass on a frozen, wooden hole in a tattered, shed-like structure…well, that’s a bona fide nightmare.  A nightmare that the 19th-century man, and all before him, regularly endured.

But not for long.

Because soon after, the imaginations and ingenuities of some very skilled engineers and tradesmen created a system where running water could move freely through underground pipes.  Up there with electricity and the telephone, indoor plumbing became one of the most significant societal breakthroughs of all time. The “tasks” in our daily lives became more comfortable and convenient.  Less disease because of improved hygiene. Improved environmental conditions because of less exposed waste. Yep, the old creator of the commode and the folks who fix them are real heroes.

So, you’d think in a sane universe that all these different tradesmen, who’ve concretely improved the lives of billions over the last century, would be held in the absolute highest of regards in our culture’s fickle pecking order.  Surely, the opinions of these men and women would be on par with the great thinkers, intellects, and entrepreneurs, right? Men and women who managed to transform a wild, harsh settlement into the greatest, first-world powerhouse on the entire globe in just a few centuries-with their own bare hands.

But we live in a place called Insanity-ville today.

In today’s world, it’s people like Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson and George Clooney who get the microphones shoved in their faces.  Just find the conflict or crisis de jour out there in the world and there’ll be some all-knowing and all-caring celebrity right there to tell us all how to fix it.  People who play dress up and portray fictional characters for a living have become the arbiters of our collective conscience over the last half-century.

Never mind that many (certainly not all) of them are intellectual nitwits living in a bubble of self-absorption totally insulated from the common man’s reality-because in 2018 they speak for us all.  In 2018, fame and notoriety are the credentials we seek out when our most complex questions need answering.

But there’s hope.

A lot of us folks today are waking up.  The regular folks. Holding these Hollywood hypocrites accountable.  Knocking them down a peg or two. Soon, hopefully, we’ll be back to admiring them for their great movies and not their bloated opinions.  And maybe during the next big crisis, all the reporters will turn to Pete the Plumber and ask what he thinks.

Either that or let Sean Penn fix his own damn toilet when it won’t flush.

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