Posted on January 15, 2019
by Steve Janowick

Not long ago you took me in
We rolled the dice and played to win
Then I met your next of kin
Say hello to sister sin

Stroke the mirror to feel the glass
Reflections of a future’s past
Hiding from the shadows cast
Making memories that last

The dawn presents a dreary night
At dusk is when I see your light
You blind me with your radiant sight
Eyes of black enveloped in white

Shelter me from the pouring rain
Eating the love to throw up the pain
My mind is a place for your insane
I’ll fold the paper if you pilot the plane

I wept from the smile you bestowed
All those teeth a part of your show
I’ll try not to look back as I go
For only the fool reaps what he sows

Reject the hand sent to lend
Twisting the straight into a bend
Is this for real or only pretend
Six feet down is where it will end

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