Posted on January 3, 2019
by Steve Janowick

Everybody is cool in 2019.

But 90% of those cats are putting some serious effort into that coolness.  You know that guy. Hell, we all are that guy. We all have a style, man. An image.  Whether you’re the shaved-head, ripped bodybuilder, the long-haired, care-free musician, the tatted, ominous biker, or a little of all of them: you put work into it.  Whether you know it or not. And whether you’ll admit it or not. And that’s okay, because today, the world really is one big stage and each man is his own character in this play called life.

Everybody is fronting.  From YouTube to social media to the selfie, everybody is putting on a show these days.  Posing. Trying to be cool. And whenever everyone is doing the same something, that something becomes very watered down.  Ironically, in this mass attempt to stand out and be noticed, to be special and different, to be cool-we’ve become collectively dull and trite.  Everyone tries too hard. No one is effortless.

Except Denzel.

He is the modern-day Steve McQueen.  The guy who says everything by saying nothing.  He oozes electricity. He yields charm and charisma.  One scowl and you’re shaking in your shoes. Confidence?  He has more in his pinky finger than you and I will ever have in a thousand lifetimes.  He makes women melt and he makes men envious.

And there’s no trying whatsoever.  It’s all absolutely effortless.

He has that innate quality on screen that draws you to him even if he’s standing still and saying nothing. There’ve been only a handful of actors in the history of cinema that have possessed this unique attribute-and he’s up there at the top of the mountain.  Certainly, one of the few still doing it today. Hell, the dude could be grocery shopping in the produce aisle and it would be interesting.

So, go ahead.  Stand in the mirror all you want and rehearse your ‘suave player’ or ‘tough-guy’ shtick. Sure, you may impress your buddies down at the bowling alley or you may even get lucky with your girl, but deep down, in places you don’t like to visit, you know your character will never be as effortlessly cool as Denzel’s.  But that’s okay…

Because King Kong still ain’t got nothin’ on you, right?

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